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Spring Rush

2015.03.09 03:46 zereg Spring Rush


2013.04.17 03:12 bp_blew_up_the_gulf Where the mod's butthurt tear is harvested for the lulz

Subreddit documents the cases of abusive and trigger-ban moderators across Redditland due to butthurt, to expose the powertripping mods' dictatorial attempt in arbitrary censorship to ridicule for the lulz

2017.01.24 05:23 Shadowblood

Shadowblood is an Online ARPG for Mobile developed by UT+ Interactive. It was published for Soft Launch on January 19th of 2017 for free on Mobile Devices.

2020.10.24 04:21 thesean333 In a URL, what is "scrlybrkr"?

What the title says. I tried googling the answer and needed to put quotes around it for Google to even recognize my question, because without the quotes, I saw this:
"Your search - rlz=\*****_en********* - did not match any documents." (NOTE: I replaced real characters with asterisks because I have no idea what the real string would identify about me.)
I googled what "rlz" means, but it seems like it's a way for Google Chrome to track you, but I'm not sure if that's true, or how that relates to "scrlybrkr".
So, what is "scrlybrkr"?
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2020.10.23 04:13 ravLaFlare (Selling) The Matrix Trilogy 4K, Atomic Blonde 4K, Logan HD, How To train Your dragon 2 4K. Many Other 4K and HD codes.

Accepting PayPal F&F. Codes are MA compatible unless noted otherwise.
Please let me know if any movies are priced cheaper at any retailers, I will try my best to match or beat.
HD codes with an asterisk * might redeem in 4k since they came from 4K blu-rays but I’ve priced them as HD since I cannot confirm.
HD Bundles/Collections
Jurassic World 5 movie Collection - $18
Predator 3 Movie Collection (includes Predator 1987, Predator 2 1990, and Predators 2009) (MA) - $10
Rob Zombie Trilogy HD (vudu or fandangonow via - $8
Spider-Man 4 Movie Collection (includes Homecoming, Far from Home, Into the Spider-Verse, and Venom) (MA) - $12
Rick And Morty season 4 ( - $10
The Mummy 4 Movie Collection (includes 3 Mummy movies plus The Scorpion King) (MA) - $12
HD Codes
22 Jump Street (MA) - $5
3:10 to Yuma (vudu or fandagonow via - $5 *might redeem in 4K I can’t verify.
Atomic Blonde (MA) - $5 also available in 4K below
Dredd (itunes/vudu/googleplay/fandangonow via - $6 *might redeem in 4K I can’t verify.
Fight Club (MA) - $6 ------ SOLD
Friday The 13th (1980) ( - $5
Friday The 13th Extended Killer Cut (2009) (MA) - $5
Ghost in the Shell (1995) (vudu or fandangonow via - $5 *might redeem in 4K I can’t verify.
Hellboy II: The Golden Army (MA) - $5
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (itunes/vudu/fandangonow via - $5
Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (itunes/vudu/fandangonow via - $5
Logan (MA) - $5
London Has Fallen (MA) - $5
Mission Impossible: Fallout (itunes, vudu or fandangonow via - $5 *might redeem in 4K I can’t verify.
Now You see Me ( - $5
Predator (MA) - $4
Red Sparrow (MA) - $5
Spaceballs ( - $5 ------- SOLD
Star Wars: The Force Awakens (MA) - $5
The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part (MA) - $4 ----- SOLD
The Lego Ninjago Movie (MA) - $3 ------ SOLD
X-Men: Days of future Past (MA) - $5
4K Bundles/Collections
Back To The Future Trilogy (MA) - $15 ----- SOLD
Men In Black Trilogy (MA) - $15 ------ SOLD
The Matrix Trilogy (MA) - $18 ----- SOLD
4K Codes
Atomic Blonde (MA) - $7
Apocalypse Now Final Cut ( 4K) - $6
Birds of Prey (MA) - $7
Casino (MA) - $7
E.T The Extra Terrestrial (MA) - $6 ---- SOLD
Full Metal Jacket (MA) - $7
How To Train Your Dragon 2 (MA) - $7
How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (MA) - $7
It Chapter One (MA) - $6
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (MA) - $6
Justice League (x2 available) (MA) - $6
Ocean’s 8 (MA) - $6
Shazam 4K (MA) - $7 ----- SOLD
Solo: A Star Wars Story (MA) - $6 ------ SOLD
Split (MA) - $7
Star Wars: The Last Jedi (MA) - $6
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (MA) - $6
The Town (MA) - $7
Waterworld (MA) - $7
Free UK Codes (I can’t guarantee they’re still valid)
21 Jump Street ( ---- CLAIMED
Passengers (GooglePlay)
Sicario 2: Soldado 4K ----- CLAIMED
The Meg 4K ------ DEAD
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2020.10.23 02:10 NovaFire14 My Old Harry Potter Fan Characters

So, I was recently looking through some old Google docs trying to organize all my old writing, and I came across something I had completely forgotten about: the plans for a multi-volume, next-gen Harry Potter fanfiction I never ended up writing from a few years ago. I would have been about fifteen at the time I made these docs. Between the outlines and character descriptions that I had a blast looking through, I found something fun I thought this sub might enjoy in the list of character names I had made for quick reference. As you may know, names in Harry Potter can be pretty wild and I remember spending a lot of time coming up with this list. I'll try to add notes for any interesting details about these characters I can find in the documents or can dig out of my memory. Please, let me know what you think of this list!

Niraj Sonar (m)
Niraj was supposed to be the main protagonist of the story. He was half-Indian, half-Scottish, and was born with congenital limb amputation, meaning he was missing part of his right arm from about the middle of his forearm down.

Lavinia "Missy" Fortune (f)
I remember being very proud of myself when I came up with this one. For those who haven't read the books, at Hogwarts (and I assume a lot of British boarding schools) the teachers refer to students by their last names. So, that means that teachers would call Lavinia "Miss Fortune" in class, or "Misfortune", leading to the nickname Missy among her friends. I know, I'm a genius.

Casey Monroe
Casey was nonbinary, and, though I can't find this in the documents, I remember writing in that they chose the name Casey because it was a last name in their family history.

Evelina "Evie" Flint
Evelina is one of those classically over-the-top Harry Potter names. Plus it's really pretty. The last name Flint is one of the so-called "Sacred Twenty-Eight" in Harry Potter, which basically means that it's a very old, very noble, pureblooded wizard family, which makes a name like this make quite a bit of sense.

I'll organize the rest of this list by school house, just to break it up a little, since from here its basically just a class list of names I could pull from for background characters. I'll put asterisks next to other last names that are part of the "Sacred Twenty-Eight", but otherwise I'll keep the notes to a minimum. All these characters were meant to be in the same year as our protagonists except for a few exceptions in the Ravenclaws, who are on the Quidditch (it's like wizard soccer) team with Evie.


So, yeah... That's my list. It really was a blast reading through all my old notes for the project, even if it never saw the light of day. And it's always useful to have a list of names lying around when you're a writer. Let me know what you think or if your curious about any of these names.
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2020.10.17 02:20 StackIsMyCrack Live Punk Recordings For Download

Hi /punk I have been taping concerts for about 30 years now. It is a really fun hobby and I've met some really great friends over the years through it. I have been a part of several taping groups and we all share our recordings with each other.
Between shows I taped, and others I've gotten from friends, I have a massive archive of recordings. I'm into several genres; just a lover of live music in general. I stopped counting years ago, but I would estimate I have about 2500 live punk recordings. The whole point of this hobby for me has always been to freely share the music with anyone who enjoys it. It has been much easier to do so when it evolved from physical tapes/CD to digital.
As such, I give you the first installment I have put together for you fine folks on /punk. If there is enough interest in this, I will try to do a new installment each month. I tried to mix this one up a bit with some old classic bands, newer bands, and everything in-between. I am also happy to take request for bands or even specific shows if I have or am able to get it. These will be on my Google drive in mp3 format. is the download link and a list of the shows. The ones that start with an asterisk are recordings I made personally. Enjoy!
999 07/02/79 @ Old Waldorf, San Francisco
Against Me 07/16/10 @ The Joint, Las Vegas
Agnostic Front 04/23/00 @ Gabe's, Iowa City
*Alice Donut 07/30/04 @ CBGBs, NYC (Soundcheck and Show)
Bad Religion 09/12/03 @ The Ogden Theater, Denver
Buzzcocks 12/15/79 @ Temple Beautiful, San Francisco
Dead Kennedys 10/25/79 @ Old Waldorf, San Francisco
Dead Kennedys 04/05/80 @ Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco
DVDA 06/29/00 @ The Palace, Los Angeles (Trey Parker and Matt Stone)
Exploited 06/25/05 @ Furyfest, Le Mans, France
Jesus Lizard 06/24/92 @ Kennel Club, San Francisco
Local H (as Nirvana) 10/31/97 @ The Double Door, Chicago
Misfits 09/11/19 @ Oracle Arena, Oakland
NoMeansNo 05/25/90 @ Dziekankan, Warsaw
NoMeansNo ("Clones the Ramones") 04/09/13 @ Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver
Pennywise 09/14/93 @ Negativ, Frankfurt
*Pennywise 05/12/02 @ Irving Plaza, NYC
Ramones 12/06/79 @ Vogue Theater, Indianapolis
Rancid 09/11/19 @ Oracle Arena, Oakland
Scratch Acid 09/02/06 @ Emo's, Austin
Shellac 10/14/02 @ Northsix, Brooklyn
Social Unrest 05/08/80 @ Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco
Subhumans 09/15/19 @ Will's Pub, Orlando
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2020.10.16 15:01 Decent_Dawn_User Sharing ideas about a Different kind of Battling System: Post #10 Base Stats, Abilities, Move-pool and Move List

Good day.
In this post (This will be a long post), I'll attempt to describe another mechanic for my idea of a different battling system for Pokemon.
See this post to get a better understanding of why I'd want to do this:
Post#1: Intro
Keep in mind I am doing these post-by-post. As a result, some things might not make sense at first or without context. This is because, to get a true understanding of the new battling system, you need to consider all the posts that I'll make instead of just focusing on one.
I'll try to ensure that each post's mechanic is related to the post before or after it so there is some form of coherence. I'll also try to make posts in order of how important each new mechanic is.
Post#2: Stamina
Post#3: Dodging and Blocking
Post#4: Pokemon Moves
Post#5: Battlefields and Types
Post#6: The flow of a battle
Post#7: Abilities
Post #8: Status Ailments and Weather Conditions
Post# 9: Direct hits and TKO From exhaustion.

This post is mostly about the Pokemon themselves.
There will be 2 links to documents in this post.
One document has the Base Stats, Type(s), Abilities, and Move-Pool of all Pokemon that’d be in the game (Spreadsheet).
The other has the Move-list for all the Moves that’d be in the game. Each Move has a description (Word Document). Offensive Moves have Base Power, Direct Hit Range, Secondary Effects, and Priority.

Base Stats
These would all be adjusted to aid in giving viable variety to the game.
If you read the document you’ll notice that all stats are in multiples of 10. This makes it easier to keep track of Stats since a lot of in between values are gone.
Basically, there are 100 numbers from 1 to 100. But if you only number in multiples of 10 then there are now 10 numbers from 1 to 100. The stats are easier to keep track of this way.
It would be important to keep track of stats for balancing issues.
So if a Pokemon needs balancing, adjusting its stats should be a bit easier.

Natures, IVs and EVs would not really be in the game. The stats of each Pokemon would all the maximum values of their Base Stats.
The fact that all stats would be maxed out anyway also makes it possible to use BOTH Offensive Stats instead of focusing on one.
So now there is a legitimate role for Mixed Attackers.

You should also notice that no Pokemon has an Hp Stat below 70 or a Defensive Stat below 60.
Doing this ensures that most, if not all Pokemon can take a hit before being knocked out. Glass cannons that have extremely high Speed and Offence but poor Defense would be a lot rarer or would just not exist.
Overall, Pokemon would be bulkier. It will now take more hits and more turns to knock out most Pokemon. Couple this with Blocking and Dodging and I’m sure Pokemon would no longer get 1 hit KO’d by turn 1.
This ensures that there are more opportunities to adapt to your opponent’s Moves and try to counter them.
It also gives you more time to execute multi-step strategies like using a stat boosting Move or a Move Combo like Defense Curl then Rollout.
Even though the game would be faster paced, there’d be more turns to work with since your Pokemon won’t get knocked out on the first turn even if it has a bad Type match up.
All of this is just hypothesizing though, so you can discuss it if you want to. This post should pretty much complete all the battling mechanics so now would be the best time to discuss any of my posts.


You'll notice that each Pokemon has 20 Moves in its Move-pool, except Normal Types which get an additional 5 Moves (And Ditto which gets no Moves)
The reason for 20 Moves is to help with balancing.
Though the variety of Moves would vary from Pokemon to Pokemon, they’d still all have access to the same number of resources, except Normal Types which have access to more resources.
Since most Pokemon would have the same number of Moves, it’s one less variable to consider when balancing Pokemon. It’s a constant that affects most Pokemon in the same way so Move total isn’t a factor in Balancing Pokemon.
So if a Pokemon is too strong or too weak, we’d have 1 less option to consider when balancing. This again makes Balancing them a bit easier.

It’s just basically a list of all Moves that’d be in the game.
For Secondary Effect, You'll notice that there are asterisks '***' next to them.
The asterisks basically show how many times the Secondary Effect can be triggered once the Pokemon was entered battle.
So 1 asterisk '*' means the Effect can trigger once after the Pokemon has entered battle.
2 asterisks '**' means the Effect can trigger twice.
So on and so forth. When a Pokemon switches, it resets the amount of times the effect can trigger unless otherwise specified.


Again I’d want to make a more engaging battling system that removes most elements of rng and helps to promote viable variety in Pokemon.
To have viable variety, A Pokemon needs to have:
A good Typing
Good Abilities
Good Base Stat total and distribution
And a good Move-pool.
I’ve changed how Types work to make them a bit more balance. I changed abilities to fit the new battling system and to ensure that no Pokemon was a bad ability.
I’ve adjusted Base stats to make Pokemon more bulky
And I’ve given Pokemon decent Move-pools to chose from.
This, coupled with the many mechanics in the game should make it very difficult for a Pokemon to be bad at everything. Each should excel at one or 2 different things.
They should all be viable and in a variety of ways.
Because Pokemon would be more viable in a variety of ways, then it’d be difficult for a ‘meta’ to be developed for the game overall. It'd be more difficult to agree on the best ways to use Pokemon since each would have a variety of ways to be used.
It also makes it more difficult to decide which Pokemon are to tier since no one Pokemon should be out-right better at the game because they should all be good.
This would make each battle unique because you and your opponent’s teams attempt to win a battle in different ways. At least, that's what I hope.


Having access to all the new and altered mechanics; the altered Base Stats and Abilities; and the Move-List, do you think that all 76 Pokemon would be viable?
Would this new battling system truly give viable variety?
Which Pokemon do you think would be strongest?
Feel free discuss since you have access to most the new mechanics that make up the Battling System.
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2020.10.16 12:48 free_tutorials Build Free VoIP PBX & Call Center on Asterisk Issabel Udemy course free download from Google Drive -

Build Free VoIP PBX & Call Center on Asterisk Issabel Udemy course free download from Google Drive - submitted by free_tutorials to udemycoursesfree [link] [comments]

2020.10.16 04:04 LightOfDawn555 Horses/Unicorns/Pegasus

So, this may sound a little weird but I am trying to collect every single Webkinz horse, unicorn, and pegasus I can get my hands on. When I was a kid, I loved horses and was obsessed with them. I would watch all the horse-related television shows/movies, collect plastic horses, draw them, etc. The first Webkinz I ever had was a horse (I still have the plush but the digital was deleted due to inactivity). I think the main reason I am trying to collect these is because of how much I enjoyed them as a kid... if that makes sense. I also still have a soft spot for horses XD
Anyway, this is the list of the horses I have so far, what I still need to get, and what I am looking for
The asterisks mean that I have not found a name for them and have not put them in yet. I am not asking for someone to sell me these horses. I just want to know... Has anyone ever seen these promo ones in Mega-packs or deals recently? Also, why is the Golden Pegasus so expensive? I know it is retired but it is more expensive than most retired Signature pets... I don't get it??
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2020.10.15 23:52 free_tutorials Build Free VoIP PBX & Call Center on Asterisk Issabel Udemy course free download from Google Drive -

Build Free VoIP PBX & Call Center on Asterisk Issabel Udemy course free download from Google Drive - submitted by free_tutorials to udemyfreebies [link] [comments]

2020.10.14 11:28 kuletxcore Writing Prompt Wednesday #132, 10/14 - Late night FFA Action!

Welcome, Citizens of Gamindustri! It is time for another week of writing prompts! This is community driven, and the purpose is primarily to generate creativity and have fun while doing so (whether you are a 100% real CPU or not, we don't judge).


Each week, five Neptunia-related topics will be posted. Participants can write a short piece of fiction or dialogue based on that prompt. When writing, the suggestion is to aim for 1k-3k words, however, this is not a requirement. There is no goal - this is not a popularity contest - just write and have fun! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! :)
This was ported from the /RWBY subreddit, and I thought this would be a nice addition to the sub. More Original Content for all!

Happy 5th anniversary to /RWBY's WPW threads!


The rules are the same as the sub's posting guidelines. Nobody here wants to see your story taken down, so please refer to them before contributing! If someone chooses to ignore these rules, a mod will be asked to remove the post.

All top-level comments must be a story or poem with at least 30 words or more. Non-prompts must be delegated in the "Suggestions/Non-prompt" comment.


Pre-writing is welcome!
/NepPrompts is created as an archive of these threads.
A detailed spreadsheet of WPW things is here!
Find us on Discord at Histoire's Grand Library!

The permanent invite has been deleted due to Discord bot shenanigans, so ping me or slide a DM if you want an invite!

Many thanks to the mods for letting us continue this!


Since I am too Lazy to put in the winning prompts (because my mom worked all day on my PC), so here it is!

Free-For-All! Every Prompt in the doc will be up for grabs! Any prompt in the Master, Discards or Used tab is welcome!

We have a few guidelines:
  • Each prompt used will be moved to the used tab. In order to facilitate this, I ask that you indicate what tab and line number your tale comes from. You can put it at the beginning, or if you'd rather not spoil it, at the end. It would also be super helpful if you could bold the text (add two asterisks on either side). You may also indicate whose prompt it is by tagging the user or typing in the Discord username.
  • This is your opportunity - do as many as you want, separately - or mash some together! Just keep in mind the same posting rules apply!
  • If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on The Histy Discord, PM me here on Reddit or reply in the Prompt suggestions comment: I'll be happy to offer guidance!


The polls are BACK! Vote here!

All polls will pushed back by two weeks because of special events. This was Last week's poll!


The Thread!

Rom gave the perfect gift to Blanc! Hell yeah~!

Here are last week's prompts!

  • The Goddesses and Candidates get thrown into another game's world.
  • Nepgear, Steamax and Brave are now sworn enemies. Why? They want to give chocolate during the Valentine day to a certain CPU Candidate: Uni.
  • The other CPUs find that Vert was somehow turned into a 5 year old
  • What if Peashy became the CPU candidate of Planeptune?
  • It's the holidays on Gamindustri, Rom and Ram are looking for a gift to give to Blanc, so there on a quest to find a perfect gift.
All unused prompts will be recycled.

Protip: All threads for the past 6 months are still open until archived!


No matter how bad things may get, words will always have meaning. Now get out there and write something, but most importantly, have fun! :)
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2020.10.12 16:01 Intoxicatedalien Chicago Marathon [Race Report]

Race information


Goal Description Completed?
A < 2:55 No
B < 3 hours No
C 20 mile PR (2:13:52) Yes


Mile Time
1 6:30.12
2 6:36.33
3 6:35.00
4 6:35.85
5 6:49.31
6 6:43.86
7 6:30.20
8 6:52.14
9 6:30.44
10 6:41.17
11 6:36.51
12 6:38.04
13 6:39.32
14 6:32.82
15 6:27.67
16 6:24.59
17 6:30.19
18 6:32.69
19 6:33.08
20 7:07.23
21 7:38.91
22 7:53.47
23 8:41.93
24 8:38.21
25 8:50.53
26 8:19.42


My Strava profile only shows 663 miles on the year but a vast majority of my miles are unrecorded. I only time myself on long runs and workouts. For the past 50 weeks I was averaging about 65 miles per week on five days per week. You can look at my training log here


I mapped out a marathon route online (26.2 miles). My route was probably slightly tougher than the Chicago Marathon route which is mostly flat. It goes mostly along the Lakefront Path but also includes the Northerly Island section (pretty tough). I designed the route to start at the official starting line and end at the finish line.


At first I was trying to break my current PR of 2:58.52. My goal was to run at around 6:40 pace. I was expecting to lose about 10 seconds overall during the first 10k which is pretty hard because it includes Northerly Island Part 1, a lot of turns and hills.
First mile I didn't even look at my watch, I just tried to go by feel. First mile doesn't really matter anyways. Ended up around 6:30. Looked at my watch for the next couple miles trying to get under 6:40. After mile 4 I was about 20 seconds ahead of schedule so I could afford a couple slower miles.
Mile 5 I had an issue with my left sock and had to stop to adjust it, as it was sliding down. I have very worn out shoes so maybe this was a reason. This cost me at least 5 seconds. I could afford this but at the same time I was worried about this becoming a problem later.
Well, not even 1 mile later the same issue came up again and I was forced to stop my watch. I tried adjusting again and tying my shoes. After more than a minute I restarted my watch. Mile 6 came and I took my first energy gel. I was upset about the wasted time so tried making up for it. Ended up at around 6:30 the next mile.
Midway through mile 8 the same issue reappeared with my sock sliding down. Again, I was forced to stop my watch. This time I took off my shoes, and swapped my socks. I choose not to count that time because the issue was out of my control. Anyways, I hoped that this would solve the problem.
Around this time I abandoned my A and B goals and switched my focus to goal C, 20 mile PR. I felt like the marathon was tainted with my stops and I didn't want an asterisk besides the run. But you could be damn sure I was going to count a 20 mile PR as legit.
At this point I'm still ahead of schedule but my margin for error is razor thin. I'm just trying to stay under 6:40s. Mile 11, I took my last sip of water and mile 12 I took another energy gel.
After mile 13 I stopped looking at my watch but I wanted to pick up the pace. I have just 7 miles to go. I looked at my watch after each mile to see if I was on target. I took another gel at mile 17.
Fast forward to mile 20 and I'm feeling dehydrated due to not taking in any liquid for the past 9 miles. I looked at my watch and I crossed 20 miles in 2:12:30 (82 second PR). Would have been a lot faster had I not lost at least 20 seconds due to the sock issue.
At this point I didn't care anymore. I was significantly slowed down due to dehydration and my torrid pace the last 10 or so miles. I was going to cruise to the finish line. Besides the last 10k in this route are very tough because of the return to Northerly Island.
I just wanted the run to end and you best believe I was counting down the miles. The sock issues came up again during the last 10k after no problems the previous 10 miles (thankfully). To erase any doubt I chose to run 26.3 miles. I limped across the finish in 3:04:58. I was feeling anemic due to only a half bottle of water for the entire duration (none after mile 11).


Marathons are notoriously difficult to time trial. There were no water or gatorade stops to help me. I had to bring my own liquids and gels. It was very annoying having 4 gels in my pockets and having to carry a water bottle. I thought I would be fine with no water after 10 miles.
Also, it's tough not having friends to run with like in a marathon. I was by myself the entire way. Despite all this I was on a 2:54 pace after 20 miles. I just need a way to get past the final 10k.
This post was generated using the new race-reportr, powered by coachview, for making organized, easy-to-read, and beautiful race reports.
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2020.10.11 13:23 brownzeus WHat are the actual benefits of Incorporating yourself if you don't actually have a business

Hey friends,
so one of my facebook friends posted something rather interesting regarding financial literacy. Basically a short list of "advice".
He's one of those network marketing guys so I typically take what he says with a grain of salt. Not to disrespect anyone, but network marketing folks just kind of rub me the wrong way especially when they're handing out "advice" - but thats off topic
Back on topic!
One of the gems of advice he posted was incorporating your name/registering a business/establishing an llc to gain access to business banking products, and what not.
So I did some googling and found a few facts, which are:
Now for context, it seems he was just saying everyone should do this just cause and reap the benefits. But I legit have no idea how this could be beneficial for me, a regular 9-5 white collar job worker - read as: I literally do not own or operate any sort of business.
So to be clear I'm NOT asking for advice. I am asking for RESOURCES of information that I can read into. If I want advice for this kind of thing I'll go hunt down a lawyer, or ask a lawyer friend.
It just seems a little too good to be true to spend $200 to register an LLC and bippity boppity I have some better financial resources.

So does anyone have any resources or articles I can read to educate myself better on this topic?
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2020.10.10 22:03 Jukta120 Now that the season over, here is a rundown of the best players KR (and some CN) contenders from a random viewer

I have watched nearly every game of Korean contenders this year and here are my Personal opinions on who the standout players have been. This list is exclusively players currently in Korean contenders. The players I list first (on the left) are the ones who I rate higher.
Korean Contenders Players
Main Support - CH0R0NG*, Chiyo*, Bliss**, Unique, DDobi
Flex Support - Aztac, MCD, Revenge, FiNN*
Main Tank - Muze, Mag, JJanggu, Oberon, Yakpung
Off Tank - Piggy, Gaebullssi, Chamggae?, WoohHyal
Hitscan DPS - Proper*, Mer1t, Ace, Flora, Perfact, MN3?, Arrow
Projectile DPS - Pelican, Choisehwan, Checkmate, Heesang**, Valentine, Stalk3r*
"One Tricks" - Someone* (Hog), Kalios (Zarya), Swoooon (Zen), Stellar (Tracer), Waffle (Lucio), Fixa* (Mercy)
I consider "One Tricks" players who are significantly better at one character than the rest, they may be competent at other characters, but they haven't been outstanding on them.
One asterisk indicates that player cant play in 2021, 2 indicates they cant play in 2021 or 2022
A question mark means I couldn't find the age of the player
Chinese Contenders
I haven't consistently watched Chinese contenders, but I have watched most of the semifinals and finals in the playoffs.
Main Support - Superich, Zihee, Wya
Flex Support - 1987
Main Tank - GagA, Silver3
Off Tank - LiGe, Zijin, Ritz(kr), QMQ
Hitscan DPS - Diya, Innovation(kr), Dontsay?, Gwangboong, SeaWave
Projectile DPS - Krystal, Spectra(kr)**, MoLanran, Kaneki
"One Tricks" - Mijia (Doom)
Age spreadsheet for Korean contenders (not mine):
submitted by Jukta120 to Competitiveoverwatch [link] [comments]

2020.10.09 01:42 Hi_Im_TwiX Updated Valorant Aim Training guide (KvK / AL / AP)

Updated Valorant Aim Training guide (KvK / AL / AP)

Valorant Aim training guide update

  1. Introduction
  2. Kovaak's Routine
  3. AimLab Playlist
  4. Playlist
  5. In-game Training Routine
  6. Social Links

Hey guys, It's Twix again, the sub's dedicated Valorant coach and guide creator. This post is an update to my original extended analysis and aim-training guide. I have added a couple of new maps which I believe are useful for training Valorant mechanics specifically, and I have also changed existing maps into more "suitable" variants. Thanks to my server moderator Pauer#9861 for helping with recreating kovaak's maps into better versions of themselves + porting my playlist over into Aiming.Pro through their map creation tool!

Special Thanks ^
For those of you that don't know me, I am a previously competitive CS player and top 1% aim trainer grinder with numerous achievements across multiple FPS games including top 500 in Apex, that focuses mainly on the mechanical components of coaching in FPS games. I have been dedicating my entire coaching schedule to Valorant since the game was in closed beta, and have worked with people ranking from iron to immortal, playing with friends or on teams, all with unanimously positive feedback. If you are interested in finding out more about my coaching services, or want to chat with a friendly, improvement / training oriented FPS community make sure to join my Discord server here:
Click on this text to be taken to my Discord server! alternatively:
I have recently completed and uploaded a full game guide for Valorant on google drive which can also be includes information concerning optimal gear, agent functions, map tactics, bad habits, and finally, a daily routine to help you develop your mechanics in Valorant. The same information can be found through my posts in a more readable manner, so if you haven't checked out my reddit posts in this sub, I advise you to do so before reading further.

Kovaak's Routine

In this section, I will be breaking down the importance of each map subset, and splitting them into categories depending on what aspect of aim they train, and their general difficulty. (Novice - Intermediate players [Below Diamond in Valorant / Platinum in Sparky benchmarks] should stick to the easier maps).
Maps tagged with an asterisk (\) are maps which are "crucial" to Valorant aim-training.*
Maps with a (small) option have a default vs. small variant, your choice on which to play.

Novice - Intermediate Click-timing Training
> 1 wall 2 targets horizontal - 10m
> Valorant small flicks \ - 10m*
> Wide wall 6 targets (small) \- 10m*
> Valorant Peek Training ( MCA-9 ) - 10m
Advanced Click-timing Training
> 1w6ts reload v2 ( only play this if your technique on 1w6ts / ww6ts is on point ) - 10m
> Floating heads timing 400% fixed \ - 10m*
> Pasu small reload horizontal - 10m
Reasoning behind map choice:

This set of maps is meant to train your general mouse control in relation to "click-timing", click timing is what the general playerbase calls "flick aim", it is your ability to make a movement or adjust your crosshair to click on a target that isn't centered on your screen, and your ability to time your clicks, being able to click at the correct time depending on when your target aligns with your crosshair. Click timing is the most important aspect of aiming in Valorant. Technically, the most important part of aiming in Valorant is "Crosshair placement" but that isn't really aiming, and not really something you can isolate / directly train. In Valorant, since there isn't much added verticality, your ability to "aim" well is heavily reliant on your horizontal click-timing skill. The maps chosen above, are all maps which prioritize horizontal movements over vertical ones, and for all maps (with the exception of WW6T) you'll usually only need to make a horizontal movement to adjust from one target to the next.

Novice - Intermediate Micro-adjustment Training
> 1 wall 6 targets adjust \ - 10m*
> Micro flick - 10m
Advanced Micro-Adjustment Training
> 1 wall 2 targets small reload - 10m
> reflex micro++ flick - 10m
> Valorant small horizontal flicks \ - 10m*

Reasoning behind map choice:
This set of maps is meant to train your mouse control in relation to "micro-adjustments", micro-adjustments are an aspect of click timing which is pretty straightforward, your ability to make minimal adjustments precisely, and in rapid succession. Now, most people may think, "well the smaller the mouse movement, the easier it is to hit a target", however, that isn't true for the majority of players. A lot of the time, making a very short movement requires a lot more control / precision, and relies on muscle groups that you aren't too experienced in utilizing, e.g. I may move my wrist / arm to adjust for a wider flick, but if my crosshair is off just by a couple of pixels, the adjustment is so small that it would require me to use my fingers in order to make the adjustment. Most players (especially tac fps players) aren't experienced in making micro-adjustments, even though it's a crucial skill. In games like Valorant, your goal is to have such good / consistent crosshair placement, that you rarely need to adjust it in order to land a headshot, however, even the best players will be put in situations where their crosshair is slightly off, but not by enough of a distance to warrant a wide flick (usually happens if you're clearing an angle and you move your crosshair past an enemy you didn't see fast enough), and in those instances making a micro-adjustment accurately enough to correct your crosshair placement can be what saves your life. Here is an example of a micro-adjustment map, consistency is more important than speed, beat my scores and get a cookie:
Played on Val settings alt
The maps chosen above, are a great place to start with training your micro-adjustment aim. These maps don't solely rely on horizontal movements due to the fact that if your crosshair needs to be corrected, it can be a mixture of both horizontal but also vertical misplacement. (valorant small horizontal flicks is a great map for this, but difficult to play as a novice, your choice on this one)

Novice - Intermediate Target Switching Training
> ValTarget switch - 10m
> PatTarget switch (small) no reload \ - 10m*
Advanced Target Switching Training
> KinTargetSwitch - 10m
> DevTarget Switch - 10m

Reasoning behind map choice:
This set of maps is meant to train your mouse control in relation to "target switching", target switching is your ability to make a fluid and fast movement from one target onto another. When target switching, you should be doing so in a single movement, rather than overshooting and then correcting, and the movement should be rapid, so more of a flick rather than simply moving your crosshair as if you were clearing an angle. Target switching is important in Valorant because even the best players with excellent positioning will find themselves in situtations where they're open to multiple LOS (line of sight) and can be potentially peeked by more than one player simultaneously, in these situations it's crucial that the player is able to eliminate the first target, and then flick onto the other in a single movement. Good target switching will save your ass in these situations, due to the fact that this concept may be harder to visualize than click timing / micro adjustment as it's more situation reliant.
In the maps included above in the "novice - intermediate" section, you will be mainly training horizontal target switching, as it's what's most important in a game like Valorant that has such minimal vertical deviation in player model movement. For those of you that want to train target switching further in a map format that doesn't only lay emphasis on horizontal movements, you can go for the "advanced" map recommendations as well. Most of these maps will also train your micro-tracking (since they're low ttk but not instantaneous) which is also beneficial for instances where you're spraying a moving target. When you're playing target switching maps, make sure to keep your LMB held down for the duration of the challenge, otherwise you're not really training your target switching.

Smoothness Training
> Centering I 90 no strafes \ - 10m*
> Smoothness Training Sphere 30 - 10m
Reasoning behind map choice:
This set of maps is meant to train your mouse control in relation to your "smoothness". In relation to aim, smoothness is simply your ability to make mouse movements in fluid motions without unwarranted micro-adjustments or jitter. Most of you (with the exception of kovaak's grinders / AFPS players) will notice that when making a movement, you're unable to maintain a set speed and your aim slightly "jitters". Although smoothness is an aspect of aim which is far more important in games that rely more heavily on tracking (ow/apex/etc.) it's also important in Valorant as a lack of it can lead to sub-optimal angle clearing. If you're clearing an angle, and you can't maintain a smooth motion throughout, it can increase the chance of your crosshair placement being slightly off, which in turn forces you to make unecessary adjustments to your aim in order to land your shots on the target. The maps included above will focus on training your smoothness in large horizontal movements (the same type of movement required while clearing angles in any tac fps). There isn't a novice vs. advanced discrepancy in this section, as smoothness training doesn't vary as much in difficulty, and the maps included will definitely suffice for getting your mouse control to a decent enough level for Valorant.
Recommended time split = 30 mins of Kovaaks pre-game ( 5 mins of each map ) and 30 mins of Kovaaks when you're done playing for the day
"But Twix, why not play the routine in one go?"
If you want to complete the routine in one go (60m) rather than split it into two segments (30m+30m) that's perfectly fine, and it's up to you. The reasons I personally suggest playing the routines in a split structure are the following:
> Burn-out / Exhaustion is very real, and due to both cognitive and psychological factors, after a certain amount of time of continuous training, you will hit a point of exhaustion / diminishing returns. Informational intake after you've hit this point will not happen at the same rate as if you were at your optimal state. The average time a human can spend processing new information continuously without hitting that point of diminishing returns is around 60m total, but since it's subjective, it's easier to just play it safe and split the training in 30m segments. Here is a graph that may help you visualize this concept:

The \"Law of diminishing Returns\" Visualized
> Difference in mentality / reason for training. This is my personal theory, and I am not making an ultimate statement about this applying to every individual, as once again, it's subjective, but I've discussed this with multiple coaching clients and they have agreed that it applies to them. My theory is, that the way you train prior to a game session, and the way you train after a game session may vary. When playing kovaak's pre-game a lot of people tend to use it as a warmup tool more than a long-term mouse control training tool, and therefore don't focus on optimal training methods while playing through a playlist, as they just care about their short-term performance in the game they'll play after kovaak's. When playing kovaak's as a cooldown, you're already warmed up (don't play if exhausted however) from the day, plus you aren't training with a set short-term gain in mind. This theory is based on psychological effects mainly, which (once again) are very subjective to the individual, so take it with a grain of salt.
> Optimal learning time differs from person to person, this also holds true with training. Some people process new information better at night, some people process new information better throughout the day, either way, the concept here is pretty clear. Do what works best for you, however, if you aren't sure about if you're a "day-time learner" or "night-time learner" you can just play it safe through splitting your routine as suggested. One thing to note is that it is scientifically proven that a smaller time frame between the time of informational intake and sleeping, may improve the consolidation of new information and memory recall, basically meaning that some individuals retain information better if they sleep shortly after training.
> Final reason: boredom. A lot of people find aim-training boring, and therefore it's torture to them to train for an hour non-stop. For these people, training for 30 minutes and then switching to a more enjoyable task (gaming) before completing the other half of their daily routine, can be optimal. If you're completely bored and it feels like aim-training is torture, chances are, you wont be in a mental state that enhances growth / progress.

My Custom AimLab Playlist ( Kovaak's alternative #1 )

Read First:
In it's current state, I don't believe "AimLab" is a viable aim trainer, especially in regards to more competitively oriented players. I have made an informative post here that explains why Kovaak's is far better currently as an aim-training tool, and also explains the potential AimLab holds in future updates. Regardless, for those of you that for whatever reason cannot / will not play Kovaak's, I have created a custom playlist for Valorant, available in the AimLab workshop.

AimLab Training Routine
How to access my custom AimLab Playlist:
  1. Launch AimLab and go to the "Custom" tab
  2. Select the "workshop" option
  3. Filter by "Playlist" in the search options and type "val routine by twix"
  4. Play through the routine (30/60m) enjoy!
Note: You can also search for my custom tasks individually, AimLab doesn't currently allow you to skip from task to task within a playlist and playing for 60m consecutively is exhausting. I have spoken to the developer team about this and they're working on a fix.

My Custom Playlist ( Kovaak's alternative #2 )

What is is a browser based aim-trainer, meaning you can enjoy the benefits of working on isolated aspects of your mechanics without having to download or pay anything. The tool is 100% free to use ( there is a "plus" subscription for map creation tools etc. ) and is honestly extremely well functioning for a browser-based tool, and arguably the only viable one out there. The reason is actually viable as an online tool for aim-training, is due to the fact that the map creator allows for the crucial Kovaak's scenarios to be "ported" over, basically cloned as tasks. Obviously there are some down-sides, e.g. customization parameters and bot behavior / AI functionality is quite limited at the moment, but I've been in contact with their team and they're working towards upgrading their tool constantly with a correct order of priorities.

Once again, I want to thank my server moderator Pauer#9861 for taking the time to clone the Kovaak's scenarios included in my playlist into the most accurate copy within the Aiming.Pro map creator tool. We appreciate you Pauer.

P.S. Congrats on hitting GM scores in the Sparky benchmarks, stay cracked.

This is the playlist, you may need to log in to view the page
I won't go too in depth in relation to explaining the map content, as they are pretty much the same maps I assigned in my Kovaak's section. The maps are not 100% 1:1 representations of the Kovaak's maps, but they're the closest thing possibly recreated within the tool's map creator.

In-game Training Routine

> Valorant DM:
Valorant currently offers it's own deathmatch mode. The mode is far from perfect as the map design isn't well suited for deathmatch gameplay, and the fact that you're shown on the mini-map makes for a lot of clunky gameplay where people are holding corners based on sound / map awareness, rather than actually focusing on training their mechanics. The in-game DM is still the best option in terms of training game-specific aspects such as map-based crosshair placement, spraying, peeking flow, etc. so make sure to play a couple of these daily just to keep your in-game skills sharp.
Firing Range:
> Wide angle horizontal click-timing - 5 minutes
Use a ghost, focus on tapping the bot furthest to the left then furthest to the right, repeat
> Strafe peeking practice - 5 minutes
Use a ghost, place a sage wall and focus on eliminating bots whilst counterstrafing, move in the direction you're peeking from, and press LMB the moment you hit the directional key opposite to your current directional movement
> Spray control practice - 5 minutes
Toggle infinite ammo "off" and try to kill as many targets as you can while using a single clip [vandal/phantom]
> CH placement practice - 10 minutes
Take the portal to the "spike defuse" part of the firing range, set difficulty to "hard" and focus on clearing the map <10s

Social Links
Twitch: Coming soon... (?)
Hope you all enjoy reading through my content, I definitely enjoy writing up these guides and informative posts in order to help the community structure their improvement. Keep training, stay cracked.
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2020.10.08 04:56 Tryphenatheweiner First Mirena insertion - good experience

When I made the decision to come off the pill and try the mirena, I googled and searched reddit for insertion experiences. I tried to read a mix of good and bad to get a good idea. I thought I'd post my experience for women doing the same thing I did.
My backrgound, if you want to skip, I've put two asterisks at the beginning. 27 years old, never been pregnant. I have been with my fiance for 6 years. I was on combined pill from 16 years old until 22 years old. At this time I got the nexplanon as I was forgetting my pill and didn't want to get pregnant. Nexplanon was great for 3 years, I didn't get a period for 2.5 years and then it was only every 6 weeks and fairly light. I got it changed a month before due because I was worried about it running out. The first 6 months were smooth sailing, then after that my period was heavier and more painful and longer each time. In April this year I decided to switch back to the pill because 1. I hate having a period, 2. Still don't want babies right now and 3. I had a big pregnancy scare that made me decide to switch. Turns out, my body hates the pill and I went back to being suicidal. My normal GP came back from her mat leave and make the connection and after a chat we decided on mirena. She doesnt insert them so her colleague was doing it.
I had my mirena inserted about 2 hours ago. I was absolutely terrified, especially as I have vulvodynia, but the pill is making my depression worse.
**I had mine done by a GP in the nurses room thing. At my first appointment we talked about the risks and everything and she gave me three pills to take one hour before my appointment, 1x 5mg diazepam and 2x naproxen. I was actually scared that that wouldn't be enough.
So, today, my fiance drove me in. The nurse called me in, introduced herself and gave me a cup to pee in for a pregnancy test.
I went back, she took my pee and told me to take my pants and undies off and lay down with a modesty sheet, and then left the room.
Then the doctor came in and the nurse came back as well. They were both very friendly. The doctor folded a pillow in half and put it under my butt and told me to do the pap position, so I did that. I tried to stay as relaxed as possible. She put the speculum in and because of my vulvodynia it did hurt but I expected that. The doctor told me what she was doing and when I'd feel cramps.
The first part just felt like a papsmear. Then I had a sharp cramp, I squeezed my fiances hand and said "oh god". She said that was the worst bit and there was one more to go. Then another cramp, a click, and I was done. She said "alright" and then I felt her closing and speculum, and I asked if that was it. She said yes. I was so surprised thats all it was.
Throughout the whole thing, the nurse and the doctor asked if I was okay, and I really was.
She took the pillow out from under my bum and said to lay on my side. She left the room for a minute or two, then came back, told me what to expect over the next few days, weeks, months. She asked again if I was alright and then said once I was ready I could get dressed and go home.
I had a constant cramp for about an hour afterwards and now it just comes in waves and honestly feels just like a period. Maybe a little worse than a period, but nothing horrible.
I was expecting something horrible and almost unbearable. I dont know if because of the vulvodynia, or what, that I was expecting it to hurt more than I read. I just breathed through it, squeezed my fiances hand, and relaxed any time I felt my body tense up.
I know this isn't everyone's experience, but I hope this can help someone else who kay be freaking out about it as well.
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2020.10.08 04:01 Villag3Idiot Bunch of October releases got delayed (Yen Press)
Those are all the ones off the top of my head because I've been waiting for the pre-orders to pop up on Google Books.
All delayed to November.
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2020.10.07 05:37 gamgamorabam PLEASE HELP. internet connection problems that’s making me INSANE.

Okay, sorry in advance for any confusion in my explanation, I’m pretty dumb with tech. But I have been trying to solve my internet connection all day, and everything I try to google about it is sending me in circles. For starters on every device my wifi is connecting, but saying no internet, & secured. Everytime I try to open a site my connection times out. This all happened out of nowhere too. I tried restarting my router, doing a hard reset too. And restarting my devices. Tried ipconfig, says media disconnected except wireless LAN adapter. I tried /flushdns. I tried pinging random IPs and they all worked fine... The only thing I can tell is out of place, is when I connect to the wifi through my phone, the network now says ‘weak security’, never got that before. Is that part of the problem, like malware or something? Edit: I tried a trace route tests and every hop has failed/is nothing but asterisks. ARP test failed too.
If anyone can help, I’m desperate as hell. Contacting ISP is my last resort, since it’s always a fiasco.
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2020.10.05 19:57 benfinklea Questions about scaling up manufacturing

I’m considering starting a consumer goods 3D printing company. I’ve got a few printers and this would be my 4th...5th? startup so I somewhat have an idea of what I’m doing. (Famous last words.) I’ve Googled and read a lot of opinions on the following questions, I’m looking for some new information if possible.
I have a question for this group, as I’m working out the product specifics. I’ve got Creality CR-10 Max printers purchased when this was just a hobby/side gig. I purchased them for their large bed size which allowed me to print face shields and masks in batches for PPE. They work ok but generally require some periodic handholding to get the jobs done.
My question for this group is, as I scale production, what’s a good printer to standardize on? I have some criteria: large bed, easy to get parts, consistent quality, can be kept operational by a non-engineer, doesn’t breakdown frequently, higher temp plastics like nylon but nothing over about 280C. It would be good to have dual heads but that’s lower priority. The initial products I’m developing have large smooth surfaces without much fine detail but they need to have a finished, professionally manufactured look. Labor is scarce so post processing should be kept to a minimum but I know some processing will be required.
Second question: the consumers I’m targeting consider recycling/eco-friendly to be very important when making purchases. I know PLA is made from plants and is technically compostable with a lot of asterisks. PETG, ABS, and nylon aren’t broadly accepted by municipal recycling programs. Are there other, better green options I should consider?
Thank you!!
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2020.10.04 16:54 Adarssh NLTP Survivor W3 Results / W4 Forms


Welcome back to NLTP Survivor! I'm not like Balled Eagle, so I'm definitely not going to do a whole bunch of tables and what not, but I did make a spreadsheet. Let's see what happened this week!
I decided that you get one freebie for A and one freebie for B. I saw that a lot of A-Team pickers didn't have a freebie because their freebie had to go to their B-Team, and I didn't think it was fair to them. Plus, this is the last week that freebies are in effect so what the hell what's the worst that could happen.
Your freebie is only applicable until Week 4. I didn't like the fact that people could realistically use the freebie until the final week, and even though I said you couldn't use the freebie in Week 7, it just didn't sit right with me. I want there to be some stakes, even though this is a NLTP Survivor game with no money involved.
I did some nice color coding to the names. If your name is yellow, you lost your freebie. If your name is red, you're eliminated. If your name is gray, you have your freebie.
Now onto the Ball of Shame. BallAnka and wassa picked good teams to win, and they ended up making it through to the next week. But, they both picked teams that they had already selected, with BallAnka taking DSB in W1 and W3 and wassa picking Ball Guys in W1 and W3. Unfortunately since they both didn't have their freebies, they were both eliminated. Shame them please.
Here are some fun statistics for last week!
I had a couple of people enter in Week 2 as new participants. I marked them with asterisks to make me aware. I regret to inform that all of the new participants have been eliminated from the B-Team Survivor, while gh0st and llamatron are the only ones left on A-Team.
We have 21 people left on A-Team, and only 12 people left on B-Team, and we still have four weeks to go. This should be fun!
Here are the forms for Week 4!

Week 4 A-Team

Week 4 B-Team

Good luck!


PS : Stop asking me about previews and cards. I'm going crazy.
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2020.10.03 21:50 Grimnir19 Rolling average stats

Hey everyone,
Loving the game so far, but I haven’t managed to figure out something by searching for it on google :
On the stats page, both win ratio and KDR have an asterisk that says rolling average. What does this mean exactly ?
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2020.10.03 21:25 DulceBase Solve 23

I'm going in again.
The way that the finder figured out the "location" where Fenn wanted to die, if he really did, could be the result of assembling very, very subtle hints that seem to point to one location rather than to specific clues. Fenn knew the names of landmarks in the secret area when he was writing TTOTC. In his place, who could resist dropping some of that information into the book in such a way that it hides in plain sight. A dedicated investigator could filter out all of the named places - the proper nouns - from the entire book, and then work the map for instances of those ideas that seem to concentrate in one "location".
This location as a "Gardiner's Island" is seen on the tree map.
I have always thought the repeat use of grinning associated with Skippy was some kind of aberration, and it makes an indirect connection with Happy Jack Rd. -and probably 20 other places in Wyoming. But can I put together more connections in the same area? Happy jack road is the old US30 - the road home in the 1930's and 40's.
If the finder did assemble the location in this way, how many items would it take? 5? 10? For him to be absolutely certain he had the right place. I would need a good number or something really convincing. If he even did divine the right location somehow.
The Abraham Lincoln Memorial. Its context on page 76. "In another generation or so most of those names will be but an an asterisk in the history of a forgotten war, a curiosity to wonder about, like the Lincoln Memorial." Really? The Lincoln Memorial? Now I want to read Fenn's older version of My war for Me to see if the Lincoln Memorial is in that copy.
Interstate 80 is named the Lincoln Highway, and there is an Abraham Lincoln Memorial, a 40 foot statue - at this WWWH.
And yes, the rest areas are good WWWHs. They are good oblivious searcher spots. I can now imagine Fenn laughing inside when he asked Cynthia Meachum if it was warm and did she dip her toe in it.'28.4%22N+105%C2%B025'58.5%22W/@41.241207,-105.4351017,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m6!3m5!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d41.2412071!4d-105.4329125
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2020.10.03 18:23 NotMarilee RT Rundown September 26, 2020 - October 2, 2020

Last Week
This post lists everything Rooster Teeth has released from September 26, 2020 to October 2, 2020. The organization of this post follows the order of the links on the sidebar on the website. FIRST exclusive content is surrounded in asterisks ( *EXAMPLE*) while content that is currently exclusive but will be available publicly later is followed by an asterisks and the date in which it will be free (EXAMPLE*Free October 10th.) This does not include content that will lose exclusivity on the day this post is made (October 3rd.)
RT PODCAST #616 - Gus’s Haircut Accident
*RT PODCAST POST SHOW #616 - US Military Planned Using Spy Crows*
BLACK BOX DOWN - Volcano Takes Out Plane’s Engines (BONUS)
MASTER AND APPRENTICE - Making a Spaceship! Prop Drop
RT EXTRAS - This DID NOT go as Planned - GTA V Turned On
HARD MODE - Eating What Our Characters Eat in Green Hell
RT LIFE - Making a Raft Using ONLY Pool Noodles
RT STREAMS - Rooster Teeth Family Road Trip - Vote Voodoo Stream
RT STREAMS - Among Us with Derp Crew
RTX - Red vs Blue: Zero to Sixty
RTX - Hard Mode: Guess Who* Free October 10th
RTX - Rooster Teeth in your Living Room and Beyond
RTX - Inside Gaming
RTX - The Ship-it Show LIVE! with Tara Strong & Greg Cipes
RTX - Achievement Hunter (2nd Week)
RTX - I Am Woman, Hear Me Perform
RTX - RT Rainbow Panel
RTX - Superhero Smack Talk Panel!
RTX - Recreyo Live
RTX - Community & Coffee
RTX - Face Jam
RTX - Master and Apprentice presented by HBO Max’s Raised by Wolves
RTX - Art 2 Art
OFF TOPIC #252 - Poe Is Among Us
F**KFACE - Pranked by a Gentle Ghost // The Verdict
FACE JAM - Wendy’s Pretzel Bacon Pub Cheeseburger & Chicken Sandwich
AHWU #545 - What is Your Weirdest Dream?
AH ANIMATED - Jack Takes His Idiot Children to Disney
LET’S ROLL - Why is All the Oxygen Gone? - Selfish: Space Edition
ROULETSPLAY - A Terrifying Seduction - White Noise 2
PLAY PALS - Can We Just Stab This Puzzle?! - The Room
LET’S PLAY - Math = DEATH! - Baldi’s Basics (Spoopy Month)* Free October 4th
LET’S PLAY - Surrounded by Punches - Ultimate Chicken Horse (#38)
LET’S PLAY - AROO-Crew’s Last Stand - Left 4 Dead 2: The Last Stand Update
LET’S PLAY GTA V - One Minute Races - Not a Fuckaround but Kinda* Free October 5th
LET’S PLAY GMOD - Gmod but With Moon Balls* Free October 7th
LET’S PLAY MINECRAFT #442 - Fighting Like PIRATES in Minecraft!* Free October 9th
AH STREAM - Building Voodoo Beach - Vote Voodoo Stream
AH STREAM - AH Post Team RTX Rogue Panel
AH STREAM - Can We Snag That Achievement? Fall Guys
AH STREAM - Who’s the Imposter? Among Us
DUDE SOUP - How Video Games Changed Our Lives!
FILMHAUS - 20 Years of SHREK: Not Just A Meme?
YOUR COMMENTS - What Was the FIRST Comment EVER?
GOOGLE TRENDS - Bethesda Challenge: Shaved Todd Edition
GAMEPLAY - Elemental Breakdown - Spellbreak
GAMEPLAY - Devil’s in the Details - Infernal
GAMEPLAY - RT Exclusive: Best Friend Forever w/ Elyse, Alanah, and Lindsey
GAMEPLAY - Queasy Mode - Post Void
FH PLAYS GTA 5 - TWICE Guys Finish Last - GTA 5 Stunt Race Funny Moments
FH LIVE - Board Games & Brews - Vote Voodoo Stream
RTAA - Dirty Water* Free October 5th
*RWBY: THE GRIMM CAMPAIGN - Heists and Holidays!*
SELECT ALL - Who’s The Coolest Dead Dude? - Art2Art - Vote Voodoo Stream
IG PODCAST - Minecraft Steve crushes Sakurai’s Spirits
IG ROUNDUP - Microsoft isn’t stopping at Bethesda
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2020.10.02 21:31 Lisergiko How can I distinguish my open source fonts from the personal use ones?

As a film student who often works with Photoshop and Premiere (and also OpenOffice), I'd like to know which fonts I have installed are open source and I can use on commercial projects (ads and such), and which are only for personal use (and can only be used for school projects and papers).
Some open source fonts have Libre in their name, but most of them don't. I have all the fonts that come with Windows and a wide array of fonts that I've downloaded from Google Fonts (all open source), and also from websites like DaFont (almost all of them for personal use only).
Is there a way to modify their titles? Like adding a plus or asterisk sign next to them? If not, is there any other way? Thanks in advance :)
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